Come and join us at Kim’s Norfolk for this unique class and learn how to make authentic vegetarian Georgian cuisine. This is a great hands-on experience where Helena, who is originally from Georgia will be showing you how to prepare a variety of lovely everyday meals using fresh ingredients.  This 1 day course is ideal for beginners and experienced cooks.

It’s informative and fun.

With Helena’s expertise and guidance you will be cooking your own food using a combination of spices and herbs commonly used in Georgia.  All the produce used is fresh and sourced locally and very adaptable for your personal tastes and what’s available to you.

Georgia is a beautiful as well as a culturally rich country that is situated at the crossroads where Europe meets Asia.  Georgian cuisine is unique to the country, but also carries some influences from other European and nearby Middle Eastern culinary traditions.

When we stop for a lunch break you will have the opportunity to taste some Georgian dishes, accompanied by a glass of wine. I am sure you will enjoy this and appreciate the wide range of ingredients Georgian’s use.

Georgian cookery courses