Complete Beginners

If you are an absolute beginner when it comes to cooking this course is for you.  This is ideal for someone who is starting out in their first home, at Uni or perhaps you have a keen interest in cooking but need some help on tips and techniques.

Come and spend some time at Kim’s Norfolk Kitchen and we will arm you with the skills and confidence to cook some great meals.  You will be shown the basics of cooking techniques, including knife skills.

Like all the other courses Kim’s Norfolk Kitchen offers this is a hands on activity so be prepared to cook!  At the start of the morning you will be watching a demonstration on how to prepare your ingredients and utensils, followed by how to cook the dish.  All the dishes are carefully chosen with an emphasis on giving you a challenge but very achievable.  They are also dishes that can adapted for personal taste and flexible with the main ingredient e.g. which meat to use.  This day course includes instruction on how to make Homemade Pasta, Pastry, Savory and Sweet sauces, Bread and a traditional cake.

You will then have an opportunity to repeat it for yourself.  You will  have  the instructions in front of and Kim will be close at hand to guide you through the steps.  This is not Master Chef so you will be assured of a relaxed learning environment and have lots of time for asking all the questions you want.

Beginners Cookery Courses