Children’s cooking lessons

Cook in the makingyoung children's cooking

This is 2.5 Hour Children’s cooking Session for budding cooks aged 6-10 years old.

Most of all a great fun activity during the school holidays.  The session is full of hands on activities rather than watching.  The children will learn to prepare and cook a variety of foods.

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Chef in the MakingYoung Chef children's cooking

This is a 3 hour Children’s cooking session for 10 to 16 year old’s. Already showing an interest in cooking and therefore wanting learn more techniques and skills. This session will enable them to produce more complex foods while still having fun.

More info-find out what we are doing on each date.

individual children's cookingIndividual Children’s lessons

In addition to the sessions I run during the school holidays’ and Duke of Edinburgh, I can organise 1 to 1 coaching. These children’s cookery sessions are consequently tailored to the individuals skill level and experience. These children’s cooking sessions will therefore encourage the development of their personal interest in cookery and food.

So whether you want a 1 off, a short course or rather come every week we can arrange sessions to suit your individual requirements.

All children with the ability are welcome attend my adult cookery courses.

We will do all we can to accommodate any dietary or other special considerations.

Like some children that have football or tennis coaching sessions, I also have children that attend each week for lessons. This as a result, develops their cookery skills in a group of like minded individuals. These children’s cooking sessions are designed to be fun, interesting and structured to develop their interest and knowledge of cooking and techniques.

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Duke of Edinburgh

We are pleased that we have a course that meets the requirements of and supports people studying for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.  If you would like to study for the Silver Or Gold please contact us to see if we can set something up.

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