Chef in the Making

This is children’s coaching session for the 10 to 16 year old’s. They will probably already have an interest in cooking and would like to add to their knowledge. This children’s session will help develop their techniques and skills which will enable them to produce more complex recipes.   These are afternoon Sessions (pm) from 2 to 5pm

This is a great activity during the school holidays. Full of hands-on activities and lasting for 3 hours. They will learn how to prepare and cook a variety of different foods with more emphasis on sauces, spices and herbs. This will be more suited to their developing tastes.

Whether a beginner or a more accomplished cook we can help develop and improve cooking skills. A consequence of our small class sizes of a maximum of 4, is more individual attention.  If there is a spread of age ranges and or abilities there will be more instructors to assist. This will enable development in keeping with abilities yet achieve results.  As with all our cooking sessions we demonstrate and then guide through the process. We  give tips, hints and guidance as you go through the recipe.

Finally you get to keep and take home all you produce to share with friends and family.

Please note – contact us before booking if you have any dietary or other special considerations. So far we have managed to accommodate all special requirements.

Children’s Cooking Courses