Cooking With Spices Course

Spice Up your Life!


Come and learn how to make great Spicy food using everyday cupboard spices.  We will be cooking a really tasty meat or vegetable curry and learning which spices to add and how much to use to give it a rich warm feel.
I will show you how to cook the perfect rice to accompany any dish.

Through a cookery demonstration I will teach you about the basic spices used and how they are used.  All of these spices can be easily sourced in your local supermarkets or a specialist food store, if you are lucky enough to live near one.  The next step is to start building the Spices step by step and you will have the opportunity to taste the dishes before you start cooking and this gives you the choice of adjusting the seasoning used so it suits your personal taste.

You will be cooking (this may be subject to change)

    • Chicken Masala curry 
    • Pilau rice
    • Asian Salmon with Sweet Potato Bake
    • Sweet Chilli Chicken with Garlic, Lemon and Coriander
    • Thai Corn Cakes with Pickled Cucumbers
        At the end of your day you will be able to take all your food home and


      • your family

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